Build a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Part 1

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  • Benny Hannah 3 years ago

    As always, nice work.

  • Escobar Reuben 3 years ago

    Hey JP, real quick questions. Are you using brad nails when you do all of
    the molding for this project, or are you using a mixture of brads and
    finish nails? Also, did you fill the holes and if so, with what?

    I was thinking about using your idea to make a dresser to paint white. I
    loved the look of your project as a cabinet, but I think some of the ideas
    would go well as a Pottery Barn influenced dresser as well. What do you

  • Edgar Rivera 3 years ago

    This piece is coming out great Jon. I never thought about the 2 ends of
    squeeze clamps together to clamp a wide area. Pretty neat!
    I can’t wait for the next video. As always, good stuff man. Thanks for

  • VXorHDskater 3 years ago

    Jon I love your videos I discovered your channel about a day or so ago I’m
    16 years old and love skateboarding and like your videos on painting
    skateboards. My grandpa builds signs for a living and has for around 47 or
    48 years and I am very exited to show him your channel not only does he
    build signs ,but he also often builds furniture things and outdoor stuff
    with wood ,metal ,vinyl etc. So I think he will enjoy your youtube
    tutorials. Also I seen a boy with an Emerica shoes shirt in this video glad
    to see your videos God Bless and have a great day.

  • Alasdair Craig 3 years ago

    It’s looking good so far. Clever wide clamping trick at 6:32!

  • L ZACCARO 3 years ago

    Great job, man !!!!

  • Sam van Gils 3 years ago

    Looking good Jon! Sam

  • Bellevue Woodshop 3 years ago

    Very nice Jon. I really appreciate your videos. they are so informative,
    easy going, and the video footage is pleasently edited with multiple
    angeled shots timed perfect without getting the video “messy”. Really
    professional:) Looking forward to see the rest of the vanity build

  • connor guthro 3 years ago

    Where do you get the disks cut outs you put in the wood to join two pieces
    when using the biscuit joiner 

  • Kristen M 3 years ago

    U make it look so easy. I was looking around for a small media cabinet.
    Couldn’t find anything to fit in the space I needed it to go. I stumbled
    upon your channel and watched a few videos. I was completely inspired to
    just build one myself. I’ve never built anything like this before. Came out
    real nice. Fits the space perfectly. You’re stuff is the best. Thanks

  • U Hoefdraad 3 years ago

    I never leave a comment but I’ve been watching and learning from you a long
    time. Reason why I do leave a comment this time is because of the clamping
    trick. That is so so clever. Why didn’t I think of that. Thanks Jon for
    your dedication each week of posting great woodworking content. A
    woodworker (to be) from Paramaribo Suriname South- America 

  • Joel DiGulio 3 years ago

    Great Videos Jon! I’m actually in the middle of remodeling my bathroom
    right now. So far i’ve replaced the old vinyl with tile and painted the
    walls. I’m interested in building a new vanity to replace the old one in
    the bathroom. I was wondering if you have any type of blueprint or
    instructions for the vanity you built in this video? If so I’d be more than
    happy to purchase a copy from you. Thanks Jon! 

  • Nick Johnson 3 years ago

    Good video, Jon! I’m looking forward to Sunday’s piece.

  • laserguy 3 years ago

    In your upcoming Q&A, could you show the tool you mounted in the ts to make
    the bead molding. I’m pretty sure I know what it is but since you can’t
    see it in video, would like to confirm before making purchase. Thanks.

  • Abel Nieto 3 years ago

    Looking great!!Cant wait too see the finished product!!

  • Marco Mardegan 3 years ago

    Well done +Jon Peters ,
    Nice design
    Looking forward for finishing and final installation

  • Darren McDade 3 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing finished product. Good work Jon.

  • Michael R 3 years ago

    Monday morning and I finally got to watch this video….another cool
    project! Thanks for sharing Mr. Peters! 

  • jesust1993 3 years ago

    You nail some pieces to hold them in place in order to screw them. But why
    do you screw them, why not just nails?

  • Aaron McCoppin 3 years ago

    It looks really good. I love the attention to detail. Many thanks.

  • Ian Pereira 3 years ago

    Inspiring video Jon! Can’t wait to see the results.

  • DexterAnderson87 3 years ago

    Se ve genial Jon, Saludos!

  • Paul McVicar 3 years ago

    Cant wait to see the rest.

  • Khoorshid Alimardanov 3 years ago

    Great job!
    Can you tell please, what brands of tools are you using, particularly I am
    interested in your biscuit joiner, router and nail gun?

  • felipe ley 3 years ago

    me gusta

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