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  • Brisni Ordonez 3 years ago

    Ow guys so you are gonna be mean to me forget what I said funk everyone in
    the universe just shut the funk up so lets see who been mean to me oh ya ok
    who said who cares funk yourself electric whatever your name is called you
    suck so what if I say this to you hi gay and stop calling me a boy I am not
    just because I was a baby and my mom called me brisni doesn’t mean you can
    call me a boy or dude no-one will never care like always they just hate me
    I don’t have a life I love my family but some people are just gonna bully
    me on youtube I just want to say that for kids just stop being so mean to
    me whoever replied me you really hurt my feelings and on December 16 I
    would go to my country to see my grandma and grandpa all of my family will
    be going except for my mom and I am so sad I am 9 I just don’t wanna leave
    her and my puppy they make my day what am I’m gonna do?

  • Brisni Ordonez 3 years ago

    disguisting are you actually going to do this to KIDS that is wrong I
    don’t believe all the minecraft youtubers always have to say BADWORDS what
    if some one like a little kid that is 8 will watch and her mom is there and
    he dosnt have ear pugs so they cant hear them and they say the BADWORDS
    and they say you cant watch those thinngs anymore you guys need to learn a
    leeson its hurting they feelings and they cant subscribe to your vidoes
    and like it there moms/or dad will just click the dislike button pls stop
    saying the BADWORDS that maybe why you don’t have enough likes and subs so
    there is 5,8 32 thts not a lot and how many dislikes you have lets see you
    have 234 that’s many dislikes though and how many subs you have 311,645
    some people gets like 100,000,000 subs or more they don’t actullay diserve
    it but the ones that dosent say the badwords will diserve it though I am
    saying all these stuff so you guys can learn your lesson so stop saying all
    these BADWORDS just stop!!!

  • Emily Renner 3 years ago

    yay now I can go to the Bathroom if I update this mod :)

  • Winkie Faceunicorn 3 years ago


  • Joseph Garcia 3 years ago

    You should put this in your minecraft comes alive

  • Jédaya Seldon 3 years ago

    I wish that i can see you in rell life

  • Emily Renner 3 years ago

    wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Emani Omarion 3 years ago

    omg im taking a dump in minecraft my girlfriend is cooking porkchop in
    minecraft now

  • TotallyToast 3 years ago

    this mixed with decocraft is awesome pretty much because theres a tp roll
    that u place on a wall :P

  • Dynasty HD 3 years ago

    Your earnt a subscriber!! :D

  • Kaylynne Dowling 3 years ago

    ur right this is hilarious i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the toilet and the
    fart sounds

  • adrian officer 3 years ago

    i thin i smellled it AREYOU POOPING I FACE!?!?!?/1

  • Sulay Smith 3 years ago


  • VocalicCrayfish 3 years ago

    im gettin it christmas

  • Joy Neeley 3 years ago

    Ha that ant fear if you put it overy lava it Bosent make a lava sink I
    whish they made it that lava can be in the bathtub .whish tate cam happenen

  • jonah baker- flora 3 years ago

    U said I hate taco bell breakfast

  • Thimo Haime 3 years ago

    The bleu bathroom robes.

  • Elijah Hills 3 years ago

    can i join u when u play multiplayer

  • Drew Samper 3 years ago

    He was going for 500 likes he got 5k likes . What? ???????????

  • Karen Sullivan 3 years ago

    I love the fart animation it is awesome.

  • Brisni Ordonez 3 years ago

    He thinks that’s funny oh wow that is not funny you should watch the one
    that’s from xRp when bajan Canadian needed to have to drunk it was he funny
    show ever lolololoolol

  • memito gomez glez. 3 years ago


  • Oralia Alvarado 3 years ago


  • Ann Galloway 3 years ago

    Lol that what u see in beginning lol funny scrub yo ass XD 🙂 

  • Judith L. Reesha 3 years ago

    My BFF has that mod!
    Olivia Reesha

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