Minecraft Xbox 360: Furniture Tutorial and Ideas! (Bedroom Complex)

Minecraft Xbox 360: Furniture Tutorial and Ideas! (Bedroom Complex)

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  • Castle227 3 years ago

    I want them to add in glass doors to mine craft and I hate auto correct
    They force me to spell weird stuff like I wanted to spell the makers of
    Mine craft but they auto corrected it to be Morgan LOL

  • stickyfinnga 3 years ago

    Yo Dan pls check out my house I would really appreciate it as me and my
    friend have been working on it for a

  • natasha Mcloughlin 3 years ago

    this question may have already been addressed and im hoping the answer is
    really simple…but when building with slab flooring on mine craft if i
    place anything on top of it eg, chests, they just float rather than sit on
    the ground…why is this and can i fix it and if i can please explain how i
    do this. this vid is great by the way 

  • Jennifer Yay 3 years ago

    What are you people talking about?! It may not look the nicest, but face
    it; with such limited choices, he’s practically the best builder ever!

  • SLYMusic 3 years ago

    I like that idea. Of light with ice.

  • Hadz Kan 3 years ago

    I love glow stone in the default

  • Luke Sch 3 years ago

    damn nice room Dan!

  • Gamecentral 3 years ago

    Bathroom as big as bedroom wtf!!!!!!!

  • Destany Briggs 3 years ago

    you should message me i have a few questions 

  • Nancy Elftman 3 years ago

    u could also make a tv with black glass panes. same with a computer

  • Dylan Anderson 3 years ago

    can u access the chests in the ceiling 

  • ferris parsons 3 years ago

    I Don’t like the gravel with the bed!

  • Ash forthewin 3 years ago

    I liek teh bed itz liek a printehd cumfurter

  • Gamecentral 3 years ago

    Toilet is a flower pot, sink and toilet bowl

  • Drako Alcarus 3 years ago

    I still think Keralis’ designs are better.

  • savannah gibson 3 years ago

    this gave me some ideas for minecraft

  • Milah Rose Zuhir 3 years ago

    Me too I love it

  • Nathan Coleman 3 years ago

    that is the best furniture I have EVER seen! 😀 Awesome work! :D

  • Rachel Cox 3 years ago

    I stad up to 4:53a.m

  • Ishaque Ahmad 3 years ago


  • monna may 3 years ago

    I like it

  • George O'Hara 3 years ago

    so many small things I’ve never thought of, proper impressive.

  • Nicole Petrovic 3 years ago

    does the ice glowstone chest light work in PC

  • Joshua Moore 3 years ago

    Lol, poisonous shampoo :P

  • Dominic Caserio 3 years ago

    Awesome water lights!!!

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