MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod Update #28 – COLOURED COUCHES! More Kitchen Appliances!

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod Update #28 - COLOURED COUCHES! More Kitchen Appliances!

What is your favorite piece of furniture from this update? ○ Become a part of the Crustacean Nation! ○ Wiki: http://mr…


  • MrCrayfish 3 years ago

    NEW Furniture Mod Update! COLOURED COUCHES! OMG!

  • Song nguonhout 3 years ago

    actually! 1562 * 2.5s = 3905s and 1 hour is 3600s, it basically 1 hour and
    few minute! and the fact that the soappy water is stackable! I think it
    still OP!

  • Splerf & Nalbis 3 years ago

    The crafting recipe for soap could be made from beef fat, which could be a
    rare cow drop? Since soap is made from fats?

  • Juan Manuel T J 3 years ago

    Why this wonderful mod is incompatible with a bunch others?? (I CRY!!!!)

  • thediamondtools 3 years ago

    Cray Please make api update 1.7.2 ready on your website

  • Kamran Mackey 3 years ago

    Can I have access to this update please? It looks really awesome.

  • Bruce Wayne 3 years ago

    Can you make it so that, like I I was to click on thge counter with
    something like, say wood, it would have a wooden top? And then you can
    click on it with like gravel and it’ll turn to a granite looking thing?
    That’d be really cool!

  • Julian Pena 3 years ago

    where is the download because it says not the same update as in the

  • King Yoshi 3 years ago

    Does the microwave allow hopper inputs/outputs?

  • KrimsKramsKanal 3 years ago

    I think the mikrowave is still not very balanced, maybe add power or
    If you want…

  • Stuppid Affects 3 years ago

    I think you should make it a bit easier to change what you can cook and

  • Ausar The Gamer 3 years ago

    It takes almost 3 days to repair that pick. I got a calculator with me xD

  • Yami Kazuki 3 years ago

    Think about this !! What about if we had unbreaking 3 to every armor.. If
    we repair it .. it will be like 3 days to complete it !!
    I think that you should make the repairing more faster but used more soapy
    water.. !!
    #My Opinion

  • Morgon Freeman 3 years ago

    Cray, imagine if you made a furniture mod! That would be amazing!

  • Dina Hanson 3 years ago

    It gave pc a virus

  • Coolpick Gaming 3 years ago

    MrCrayFish, with the micurave can I put a hopper next to it and with beef
    in the hopper and will it drop into the micurave automatically and cook it
    fast 1 at a time?

  • Mathias T 3 years ago

    Could you make a freezer? That WOULD be so awesome

  • Ain Woozworld 3 years ago

    Did you put this update in the mod? I downloaded the mod for 1.7.10 and
    theres no blender/jar/toaster and those stuff in this video. Or the mod I
    downloaded is broken?

  • jasper geels 3 years ago

    Mr crayfish what’s thr IP of your server?

  • TurtleLuigi 3 years ago

    Your awesome.

  • Raven Nightingale 3 years ago

    MrCrayfish, do you think you you could try to make some type of fire place
    in a future update? I’d very much appreciate it. And you don’t have to,
    just an idea. ^u^

  • ohad katz 3 years ago

    ful diamond pick take 1 hour to repair to max :0

  • Henna Romreo 3 years ago

    y cant I get this update are u gonna release it any time soon

  • Julie B 3 years ago

    Time to update!

  • Connor H 3 years ago

    i liked everything :D

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