New Bedroom Furniture!

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  • Heatherkc19 3 years ago

    GET MIRRORED FURNITURE!!!! It would look super cute in your room!! 

  • quicys 3 years ago

    your vlogs are never boring tbh

  • Sarah Ersch 3 years ago

    Her drunk vids are her having fun and people say she’s an attention seeker,
    she buys something kind of expensive and everyone says shes a prostitute,
    shes confident and happy and everyone says shes an arrogant bitch. Will
    there ever be a vid that doesn’t have a bunch of assholes in the comment

  • Honey 3 years ago

    Trisha can you introduce us to your bf even for a second?

  • Caitlin Neary 3 years ago


  • Polly S 3 years ago

    Good for you for donating 🙂 I just wanted to suggest making your own
    smoothies! It’s cheaper and healthier in the long run, plus you get to add
    whatever you want in them!

  • Violet Chapman 3 years ago

    LOL Kallie said Y was a vowel. Love watching their videos anyways:)

  • bbstaraimee 3 years ago

    Trish I love you… but that kissing noise you keep making drives me
    nuts!!! lol I focus on the weirdest things. Love the lip color. 

  • Daytona Lindstrom 3 years ago

    So happy you posted a vlog! I was getting worried! I love this channel
    please keep this channel going! So happy you have a boyfriend! Hopefully we
    get pics soon! OMG IS IT SHANE!!!!!!!!! You said you guys ate a lot of bad
    food last night?!!!! AHHH that would be awesome! Love you Trish!

  • honeyhued08 3 years ago

    You made me yawn.

  • Hannah B 3 years ago

    Vowels are. A e I o u 

  • Rachelohplzz 3 years ago

    Jamba Juice has to sell a certain amount of juices it’s like a juice quota
    ( I work at a jamba) so she was Probably just trying to get to her quota so
    don’t feel bad 

  • Katie Jones 3 years ago

    Love your vids trish!!

  • Nik Yiatrou 3 years ago

    FYI Y is a consonant, not a vowel. 

  • shannonflh H 3 years ago

    is it just me but lately it seems like your super cocky and just
    arrogant…maybe its the supposed “boyfriend” or all the fancy crap you buy
    but step back your no one famous…we’ve all seen you crying underneath a
    bridge on a walk or complaining you have no friends

  • Danude - Sandporn 3 years ago

    Her boyfriend is Drew monseon on YouTube mytioecold

  • Zumraay Hanci 3 years ago

    Trish I recommend working out before bed and not in the morning I changed
    up my working out routine and I’m losing weight more quicker because while
    you sleep your muscles are relaxing more just after you work out 

  • trufena asuma 3 years ago

    jesus your sisters voice is sooo cringe worthy

  • Pinketuzz 3 years ago

    Thats really nice of her donating her clothes to salvation army i would
    love to buy her stuff in second hand store, minus those slutty underwear but nah i think she has some really nice taste.

  • Jessica hebb 3 years ago

    Good job on the workouts. And don’t listen to ppl. Walking does count as
    working out. You should try making your own smoothies. It has absolutely
    changed my life. 

  • Akymma 3 years ago

    Why do you outline your lips so much? They are puffy enough without your
    help. Get a lighter colour for them and don’t apply so much lipstick woman!

  • Kelsey Alfred 3 years ago

    I can’t wait for the day my subscribers care enough that I can make videos
    like this! Eeeeeeeeeee

  • Courtney Marie 3 years ago

    I work at jamba juice, you should stay away from the classic smoothies bc
    they all have sherbert & juice concentrate in them. My favorite is the
    orange carrot karma it’s soo good! :)

  • briana celeste elj 3 years ago

    I’m probably the only weirdo in the world who actually likes the sound of
    people smacking their lips lol

  • StyleSpiller 3 years ago

    The last like dozen times I’ve watched your videos there’s a Chili’s ad,
    ugh WHY?! Makes me sooooo hungry now !

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